Check this site out for all the information  you need regarding the Appearing coming to Waterford!
Waterford Seventh-day Adventist Church Family Happenings!
Our Mission
To PREPARE for the second coming of Jesus Christ.
To NURTURE our own church members through Christian encouragement and support.
To REACH our community with the good news of salvation and the truth about God and His character.
 Your change will make a difference! Please put your change in the Big Jug, which will be in the foyer Sabbath mornings.   Blush
Who Are The 144,000 Part 2  is this Sabbath's message that Pastor Todd will be presenting!  Revelation 7:9 does mention a 'great multitude', which no man can number...who will stand before the throne and before the Lamb (Jesus)....who are 'they' that make up this great multitude? Come to Waterford this Sabbath, and find out the answer as to who the Bible is talking about when it mention's the 144,000!
1. There will be a special prayer meeting on Wednesday, October 3 and Wednesday, October 10 for the Appearing. Everyone is invited to come and meet at the church at 7 PM to have a special prayer focus for the upcoming meetings.
2. Please help us advertise for these upcoming presentations by taking several invite cards and invite your friends, family, and neighbor's to this series of presentations regarding the Second Coming..and getting ready! Also, there are a few yard signs left if  you will be so kind to place them in your yard, or if you know of a business that would be willing to allow one of these yard signs to be placed out front of there establishment. Plus there are a few posters left for placement as well. For those of you who have Facebook, go ahead and share Pastor Todd's Facebook advertisement for the Appearing to your friends who are part of your own Facebook network. It will help us get the word out!
3. There will be an Appearing staff meeting Thursday Oct. 4th., at 7:00 pm. All those individuals involved with the registration/ greeting/ushering-Head Deacon and Head Deaconess/ Elders/AV/ and Child Care are asked to please attend this one-time meeting. Thank you! 
4. Jaime Jorge, internationally known Violinist, will be performing a sacred message and music time during our Worship service, Sabbath, October 20th. You will not want to miss this. This may be a good time to invite your friends and family who attend  Churches too join the Waterford Church family  on this special Sabbath. You can check Jaime out and hear some of his music at: www.jaimejorge.com. 
5. All Church Potluck Updates- The all church potluck's will change slightly for the month of October, only.  There will be NO ALL CHURCH POTLUCK for Sabbath, Oct. 6th.,  That has been moved to Sabbath, October 13th., to accommodate the Appearing that will be happening that Sabbath morning. The normally scheduled All Church Potluck for the third Sabbath, Oct. 20th., will still take place, especially since Jamie Jorge will be putting on the Worship service! Please make a note of these changes, for October only. 
6. Operation Christmas Child Box Assembly - Please reserve Sabbath, November 3rd.. immediately after the all Church potluck, to help with assembling the boxes for Operation Christmas Child. The assembly will take place in one of the school classrooms. Everything will be set up...we just need many hands to assist with putting the gifts inside the boxes. We are shooting for 100 this year, which will be a record! Blush
7. Communion - Sabbath, November 3rd. Prepare your hearts and minds for this upcoming service.  
8. Our Evangelism budget is growing, thanks to you and your faithful donations! We need to continue growing this important budget for future evangelism projects, especially for the Evangelistic series Waterford will be involved with for the Fall - 2019. 
9. Speaking of Evangelism, the Michigan Conference has moved the Conference wide - Prophecy Unfolds Evangelistic series from the spring of 2019, to September 2019. Waterford will be participating in this evangelistic endeavor and we are praying to reach as many souls as possible with invitations to this upcoming series! Begin praying! 
10. Donate your new or gently used Bible's for a Prison Ministry that George Wade is organizing. The box to donate your Bible's in is in the church foyer, near the main entrance. 
11. Vegetarian Food Store is open every Thursday from 3:30 - 5:00 p.m. 
12. Food Pantry for our neighbors in need - See Amy Grignon if you know of someone in need.  Also, we have a share closet - clothes, books, and more!  See the coat rack in the hallway by the fellowship room. Please take whatever you or your friends, family or neighbors can use and donate your clean, gently used clothing here, as well!
13. The 33rd. regular session of the Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists takes place this Sunday at Cedar Lake. Pastor Todd will be attending this session, and Karen and Emery Messer will be serving as Waterford's delegates. Pray for this Quinquennial Session!
14. Continue with your faithful giving with Tithes and Offerings. For offerings, you can give through the 'Combined Budget', which as a line-item in the tithe envelope, and this help's to take care of our expenses, and ministries. You can also go out on our website, www.waterfordadventist.org, and submit your tithe and offerings if you wish to do it that way. Thank you!
15. A HUGE THANKYOU to Bob Liebeck and his crew for painting the foyer and hallway!!
For Our Prayer Warriors:
1. Gloria Wickman has had some health issues and has been in and out of the Hospital lately. Pray for physical healing for her, and strength for Bob and Megan. 
2. Keep Nancy Armstrong in your prayers for a recent chemical exposure she received on her palm. 
3. Continue to pray for Kurt Langbein, Sharlene's brother, who is going through chemo for pancreatic cancer. 
4. Paul Packer, member at the Livingston SDA Church, as a spot on his pancreas and is having it checked out to see if he is a candidate for an operation. 
5. The Appearing!
Happy Birthday To Our October Birthday's!
Oct. 3 - Min Honkanen
Oct. 4 - Derek Anzures
Oct. 15 - Jesse Ramirez
Oct. 18 - Talma Cato
Oct. 22 - Erich Swoboda
Oct. 23 - Bob Liebeck
Oct. 28 - Nancie Armstrong
Oct. 28 - Andy Anzures
Oct. 28 - Pastor Todd Ervin
Oct. 29 - Vicky Messer
Oct. 31 - Richard Harrington
October Anniversaries
Oct. 2 - Pastor Todd and Sharlene Ervin
Maintaining Our Witness in Trials
You are being watched. That’s always a good thing to remember as we interact with people at work or in the community. How we respond to frustrations, annoyances, difficulties, and temptations is a witness for Christianity, and the last thing we want to do is misrepresent Christ.
Many times challenging situations arise unexpectedly. Therefore, it’s important that we prepare ourselves beforehand—then we’ll be equipped to display Christlikeness, and our witness will not be derailed. To be ready ...
Stay in God’s Word. Knowing Scripture helps you view situations from God’s perspective and know how He would have you respond.
Pray. Challenge yourself to make prayer an immediate response to your problems. When you bring your concerns to God, His peace will guard your heart and mind, which is a powerful witness to a watching world (Phil. 4:6-7).
Trust and obey. When you rely on God’s promises, your peace and confidence in God will stand out to those who are consumed with fear and anxiety.
Remember whose you are. You belong to God and have been purchased by the precious blood of Christ (1 Peter 1:17-19). Your life is a display of God’s grace, and your character, conduct, and conversation should always reflect Christ.
Be gracious and kind to others. Don’t let your own troubles erupt into anger and blame. Small acts of kindness and a forgiving spirit are a tremendous witness in a world where such things are rare.